I AM...
Let me introduce myself :)

I'm an asian girl and was born somewhere in Europe. I'm studying Communication and Media design at an University. Currently, I'm doing my internship as a Graphic designer at a Fashion Company. Besides a full-time study, I also work at my parents company. You can call me a Work-a-holic. I Love to spend time with my loved ones and shopping all day is also what I love to do<3 Yes, I'm legal :) I don't do drugs, I don't drink nor do I smoke. I'm not that hardcore LOL!

xoxo YLHP

Anything else? Probably not.
I would like to share a part of my little dark secret....

Those pictures on the left are all mine. Yes, I own all of these material products. Yes, I'm addicted to luxury goods. Am I proud of it? No ma'am. No sir. Through these couple years I've grown to it. I became bitter. I started to like it. Most of it, I bought it with my own money and some of them, I got them of my parents. I got my own reasons why I grew to it, how I began to love it, how I'm addicted to it. Excuses? Maybe. Judge me whatever you want. Would I like to share my reasons? No, not yet. I will keep that as my untold secret.
Art is my hobby and passion.....

When I first graduated from the secondary school, I literally had no idea what I should study. I always loved photoshopping and playing with HTML-codes. I started at the age of 11 (LOL!), when the kids back then played outside. I already was interested in HTML codes and designing pages. I was such a geek haha :) but anyhow, I had no idea what I should do after I graduated. At different universities, there were several 'information days' about all kind of studies. I thought I would end up doing something with economic studies, since that's very common and my brother also does it xp There was this one day, I went to an 'information day' with a friend of mine. We were kind of late and most doors from different classes about different studies were closed. There was this one door that was still open, so we decided to check out. I mean we have nothing to lose, right? So I checked out what this study was about. It was called 'Communication & Media Design'. I knew right away this was something I would love to do! I had my thoughts about it. I asked myself, can I earn enough when I finish this study? Also are there enough jobs? But I didn't care eventually and decided to do what I really love to and not what can earn the most money. In the beginning I wasn't good enough. I always want to be the best, but I had this feeling, I would never be good enough. I thought, what can I do? I was average at everything. I didn't know what I exactly like. Through these 3 years, I learned what I like. I started to illustrate, designing and built websites. I became better at it. People often tell me I did a good job. It kind of gives me a good feeling that I actually achieved something. Now I believe, it doesn't matter what you do, when you like what you do and you do your best, you will eventually master it and achieve a lot :)
My love
My love since 290409....<3

My darling, my babe, my honey, my sweetie, my cutiepie, my lieffie, my poepske, my boyfriend<33 We've been together for almost 4years<3 We've gone through good and bad times, like every couple out there. But our love story is a little bit more sad yet strong, like the Romeo and Juliette. Long story to make it short, my parents strongly dislike him, they will never accept him. Why? I actually don't know. From running away to breaking apart with the family. We've been strong together. I love how you can always make me smile and laugh out loud. Being so silly and random but also serious and supportive. You're the best boyfriend I ever had. You understand me. I love how you complete my life<3 I love how you still give me those butterflies. Babes, I just want to tell you, I really really really LOVE you.
My Bitches
My best bitches on asiantown

Through these years on asiantown. (online) buddies come and go. Some stay in your life and most of them don't. But these bitches are the best, because they're my bitches<3 HA! They're currently the ones who stayed for the longest :) loveliessss <3

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