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About Me

Name: Toufiq Hayder

Age: 24

Status: Taken by my gorgeous Katherine Mirhashemi 62,19,19

Works @: Northwestern Mutual

Job Position: System Admin

Hobbies: Playing soccer, listening to music, hanging out w/ friends, partying/clubbing sometimes, hookah, and a bunch of other stuff...

My Hero (Everyone has to have one): Bruce Lee

What's up people?? Let's get this straight: No, I'm not Indian, I'm not Pakistani, I'm not Middle Eastern, and I'm not a terrorist; I'm Bangladeshi... Screw you! I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Where in the hell is that, you ask? It's the small country in between India and Myanmar; south of Nepal. If you still don't know what the hell I'm talking about, then please, learn some geography (yes, I'm insulting your intelligence). I was raised in the states, yet learned English as a 2nd language. I'm also in the Army. I'm a very chill, laid back kind of guy. My friends'll describe me as very sarcastic. The way I look at it, you can't be serious all the time; it's boring. People need to laugh, otherwise life's no fun. Some people think I'm a flirt, but in all honesty, I'm just friendly. If your gf leaves you for me, it's not my fault; I'd say that something's wrong with you 13,20,20 Anything else you wanna know, ask me yourself 20,25,19

Toufiq Jux gotz OWNED By the #1 gurlo....


hey! i finally decided to hack u again! lolz

anyways thnx for being such an awesome frand and being there for me

whenever i needed you...i know i've been a lilo MIA lately but i promise

to be better in 2011...anywho ya'll this guy rite here is the best! no words can

describe him....u'll just have to find out how awesome he is yourself!

thnx for everything <3 Showtie (royalty was here!)

Latest news updates

Aite, so here's some even more not-so-good news: Unfortunately, my band (Midsummer Night's Horror) disbanded. Due to personal reasons, both my guitarists (Scott "The Guitar God" Delaney & Rob Esslinger) decided to quit. We were real close to recording our 1st single, but it just didn't happen. I do wish them both best of luck in their endeavors. For those of you who are wondering whether or not we're making a comeback any time soon, even I'm not sure yet. I've been quite busy myself. But, we'll see. Stay ready, for if we do make a comeback, it'll be with a bang 27,18,18. Stay metal 34,33,30.

However, as of May we've been on hiatus (that's the bad newz). Y, u ask? It's cuz Scott "The Guitar God" Delaney is working 2 jobz and he hasn't been able 2 find time 4 us. Hopefully we'll get back on track soon and release our 1st song as I promised e