I'm not a closed book, and I am just a short story. But you have to take the time to read
my book slowly. You have to take the time to read and understand me.

"I don't need the whole world to know who I am. But I do wish I had someone who knew my
whole world."

Sorry, I'm not good with the "Hello's" and "Goodbye's." I'm not good with the "How are
you's" and "I'll see you next time's." I'm too quiet and maybe a little shy. I can be
stupid sometimes. But if you can see who I am inside. Look pass what I'm not on the
outside. Maybe you'll see, that my heart is quite kind. Maybe you'll see, that I do
sometimes smile. Maybe you'll see, who I will be with time.


If nice guys finish last, then when does this race end?
I've climbed mountains.
I've ran a thousand miles.
I've swam the seven seas.
And yet, the finish line is still beyond what my eyes can see.
My legs are tired.
My arms are sore.
I can hardly lift up my head.
Still, the finish line won't appear for me.
The pounding of my heart is all I have left that will keep me going.
Inch, by inch.


I don't know what it is
But I don't feel so well
I don't know what it is
But its beginning to swell
It hurts to speak
It hurts to laugh
If I can get on my feet
I just collapse
I close my eyes
But I can't fall asleep
I try to eat
But I'm just too sad
I don't know what it is
I can't say what it is
I just wanna lay here and pout


Its weird,
I don't think I feel it
But I do,
I wanna hide it
But not too.

So its weird,
Its a lie in my mind
But true in my heart
Lost to the touch
But clear to the eyes.

And its weird,
My actions restrict
But my thoughts tend to stick,
Its histerical to think
But why so?
Why so?

Its weird
Its just weird...


It sucks,
When you've got a crush
But you can't say a word about it
And you can't show a feeling for it
Even when I met her before
Even when I had the crush before
All I can do is blame myself
For being so stupid to myself
For not speaking out what I felt
Its not like its the first
And its not like I've learned
She was just too pretty for me to think I can
I just couldn't believe I can
But when I see how they break her heart
When I see how she turns to cry
I stare and I wonder why
Why would they break such a wonderful heart
Why would they break such a beautiful heart
If I could hold her tight
She wouldn't have to cry
If I could kiss her lips
She wouldn't drop a sad tear
If I can just bring the courage to speak from my heart
Maybe, I wouldn't have such a sad crush


I close my eyes sometimes
And I wonder why sometimes
Why you're next to me this time
Why you're looking at me this time
You left me behind the other time
You looked away the last time
But this time around
You gave me that smiling frown
That brought my smile out
And made you laugh out loud
It makes me wonder why
You chose to be with me tonight
But I'd rather not think why
As long as it just feels right
I'll hold you this time
And I'm hoping the next time
I'll just kiss you one more time
And hope for an endless night


Its hard for me to say
What I want to say
And its hard for me to breath
When I find you next to me
But when I see you talking to him
When you see you next to him
It tares me apart inside
Of how you both seem to be so right
I know I'm not so charming
And I know I'm not so good looking
But the way my heart beats is real
I only wish I could show you how I feel
But its hard for me to say
What I really want to say
So if its already too late
I know its only my mistake
To have never told you so
To have never said a single word
Its just hard for me to say
What I wish I really could say


I'm not gonna be the cutest guy you'll ever see.
I don't have any special talents.
I'm not a great singer.
I won't be the best athlete on the field.
I can never say what I need to say at the given moment.
I don't have the charms.
I'm not the funniest guy in the group.
I'm not anything special and I can't do anything special.
Theres only one thing I'm great at.
Theres only one thing that makes me special.
And thats me, being me.
I'm just me.

What I lack is determination. The desire to push me where I need to go.

"Take advantage and enjoy every bit of your time for that very moment.
It takes as little as 10 minutes to look back and say I should've done something."


When can I hold her?
I wanna know, when can I hold her?
The girl I'm suppose to be with.
The girl I'm suppose to meet with.

When can I see her?
When can I finally be with her?
That girl, that girl I'll fall in love with.
That girl I'll complete my life with.

When can I speak to her?
When can I just say I love her?
Only she can wipe these sad tears.
Only she can lift my tears.