"20 Charged In Twin Cities-based Meth Ring"
Local police and federal agents recovered nearly 17 pounds of meth with a street value of over $500,000. Spokesman Chuck Laszewski says the charges are as a result of an eight month investigation called "Operation High Noon" by the FBI, St. Paul and Minneapolis police. Authorities say Koua "Jimmy" Yang of Minneapolis and Jose Salgado of St. Paul, both 32 years old, were major distributors in the ring. Laszewski says Yang and Salgado were supplied by Felix "Short" Lopez-Martinez, 23, of Cottage Grove, and 37-year-old Pedro "Peli" Ayala-Levya of Brooklyn Park. In February, state troopers pulled over 33-year-old Daniel Samorano of Brooklyn Park. Samorano, who was driving back to Minnesota from California, had more than nine pounds of meth in a hidden compartment in his car. An informant told the FBI that Lopez-Martinez and Ayala-Levya were associates of the La Familia Michoacana Mexican drug cartel. Thirteen of the 20 charged are in custody and are gang-related with some being affiliated with the Ruthless Asian Brothers, and Purple Brothers.
In addition to those already named, the following are in custody:

• Kong Meng Vang AKA Shot, 27, Minneapolis
• Mario Alberto Castro, 28, Brooklyn Park
• Fong Meng Yang AKA Lucky, 27, Minneapolis
• Victor Alfonso Hernandez AKA Scarface, 25, Maplewood
• Kao Xiong AKA Milk, 27, Minneapolis
• Jerry Vang, 34, Brooklyn Center
• Jonathan Steven Schneider, 27, St. Cloud
• Xue Her AKA Al Bundy, 35, St. Paul
The following were charged but remain at-large:

• Phong Yang AKA Fish, 27, Minneapolis

• Vinai Xiong, 33, Eau Claire, Wis.

• Paul David Vonrueden, 42, Anoka

• Foua Xiong, 26, Eden Prairie

• Elizabeth Catherine Gunderson AKA Mo, 37, Crystal

• Evalyn Lia Bheaanu, 30, St. Paul

• Jacqueline Joy Potts AKA Jeanie, 50, Cedar

"9 Reputated Gang Members Charged In Rape Of Saint Paul Girl, 14"

The nine suspects - reputed members of the True Blood 22 (TB22) gang or associated with the Blood Brothers gang - were jailed on charges of criminal sexual conduct and other offenses.

The adults are:

Kong Meng Vang, 38
Mang Yang, 24
Mitchell Teng Yang, 22
Vang Tou Ger Vue, 19
Van Chai Xiong, 18

The juveniles are:
Jim Her, 17
Shaileng Shong Lor, 16
Xou Yang, 16

Prosecutors have petitioned to have the juveniles certified to stand trial as adults.
"The facts outlined in this (criminal) complaint are horrible," Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said at a news conference Friday. "Too often, this is what criminal gangs do, and that is why we must do everything we can to bring them to justice and stop them." The girl "is currently in a safe place where services are being offered," Choi said. A spokesman for his office declined to elaborate. The rape came to light when the victim told someone who reported it to police, a gang investigator said. The investigator declined to identify the person. During a Nov. 23 interview with a nurse at Children's Hospital, the victim said she had been picked up at her school by Mang Yang and they had gone to a party with a female friend, according to the complaints filed in Ramsey County District Court. According to the complaints: The victim recognized Kong Vang as well as Van Xiong and the four juveniles. After they had been at the second house for a period of time, the victim got in Mang Yang's vehicle with her friend because they wanted to go home. The friend told police that she "had a feeling that something was going to happen because the guys at the party tried to separate the two of them," the complaints said. The friend tried to call for a ride, because she thought Mang Yang was stalling. She then went to look for street signs so she could give their location. Mang Yang, Shaileng Lor and the 15-year-old followed the girls to the car. While her friend was apparently checking their location, the victim was dragged out of the car by Lor and the 15-year-old. They carried her back to the house and put her in a bedroom that had a mattress on the floor. "The victim reported grabbing whatever she could, including door frames, to stop them from bringing her into the bedroom," the complaints said. She called for Mang Yang to help her but "he stated he had to go." A group of men were in the bedroom as the girl screamed and tried to escape. One of the juveniles later told police that two "big dudes" held the girl down and that at least two raped her. He said they stopped because Kong Vang thought the victim's friend had called police and he yelled a warning to everyone. There is nothing in the complaint to confirm that police were called or that they responded to the incident that night. Mang Yang later told police he knew the males were planning to rape the girl. "He stated he knew this because the guys at the party were smiling and excited and were trying to get the girls drunk so they could rape them," the complaint said. "Yang stated this had happened once before," the complaint said. "Yang stated it is the gang's intent every time they get girls to party with them to get them drunk and rape them." The 15-year-old told police he held the victim's arm during the attack "because Mang Yang told him to" and because the girl was thrashing and kicking to try to get free. He said Xou Yang held onto another arm while Shaileng Lor held her left leg and Vang Vue penetrated her. He said "he remembered the victim screaming for her friend and yelling, 'Stop,' " the complaints said. All nine suspects were charged with aiding and abetting first-degree criminal sexual conduct; conspiracy to commit criminal sexual conduct; kidnapping; and committing a crime for the benefit of a gang. All were being held Friday at the Ramsey County Jail. The True Blood 22 gang started in St. Paul about five years ago, said a St. Paul police gang investigator who asked not to be identified because of the nature of his work. "It was a lot of younger kids whose (older) brothers were Crazy Bloods, or CBs," he said. "They formed their subset or their own hybrid gang."