My name is Linda,

I'm 20 of age, standing 5'2. 

"I love to dance, sing, and remember i love to smile

so keep your eyes out when you see me you might just miss it!" ^-^

and if you want to learn more about me content me at


This is me
 my pictures
P5230007.jpg picture by linda--yang10P5230010.jpg picture by linda--yang10P5230027.jpg picture by linda--yang10P1220018.jpg picture by linda--yang10PA270334.jpg beautiful huh? picture by linda--yang10P5160115.jpg picture by linda--yang10 P5110109.jpg picture by linda--yang10P5100101.jpg picture by linda--yang10P5100100.jpg picture by linda--yang10P5100098.jpg picture by linda--yang10