Name: Demonic Vang
Age: 2?

Much Love and Respect for my niggaz who gone away R.I.P.
Much Love and Respect for the niggaz I got left. 

Time doesn't wait for everyone, so change yourself for the better of others and those who are around you. If one day we hmong people can reunite as one again maybe one day other people could recognize us for who we really are instead of our race killing eachother and doing other bad stuff toward eachother. This was our general's vision and dreams, so too all my hmong people, hmong brothers, and hmong sisters, please open your eyes and see that our race is dying and pretty soon it will be gone in a flash. Please put on a good example for our young generation's future. For all our hmong gangsta's out there, please drop your guns and stop killing eachother for the better of our hmong race. If all of ya hmong gangsta's want to represent, then represent our race and stop with this endless war against eachother. Too much blood shed and too many died over the years for the stupidest reasons of all, how many more deaths does it take for ya hmong gangsta's to realize that we are killing our own kind that we should stop and think about our children's future. For all the young bucks, stop ditching schools just because your friends do it. Stop going out to parties that only leads to fights and rapes. Stop tripping back at your parents when they trip at you because our parent's wants us all to have a better future and life. Stop dating at an early age like everyone else is doing right now, if you can't handle it then just stop and wait for the right one to come by. Stop with the shit talking and the stupid little dumb rumors and grow the fuck up and act like your own age. Stop cheating on eachother and start being a real man and a real woman to your lover. As we all get older, start looking for a job and finish school and get your high school dipolma or get your GED because if you don't then you're only making things harder on your life or your family or spouse. Stop talking english so much and start speaking hmong, we're all born here but our first language is always gonna be hmong. Stop being a hipocrit to everyone, even yourself. If we all want a better future and a better life then I suggest we all open our ears and listen to what our parent's say to us and open our eyes and see what are all the bad things we're doing to our race. Do you all know why we're known as hmong, is because we love and care for eachother as much as other people out there do. If one hmong person goes down we all go down with him/her no matter what the cost is at. We always have eachother's backs and protect our hmong people no matter what. We gotta stop hating and start loving because when everyone is gone, who's gonna love yourselves. Nobody will and that's the honest truth. Our hmong people back over in Thailand/Laos are still fighting and trying to survive but our hmong people over here don't see that because we all hate and kill eachother like we're savage animals. Please change before its too late for us all.

This message goes out too all our HMONG PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!
It's time for a change and join the HMONG MOVEMENT