Info About Me

Im just this girl that walks in this world wondering were im
suppose to belong. Life is bad and life is good.
its all how i make my day is how things will be.

Im a family kind of girl more then friends
always say if you don't have ur family then u got nothing
My dad is my hero and my mom is my Idle

My closes friend in my life is MICI
i love that bitch more then life its self
Shes always here for me no matter what

I was born in Australia, and yes i sound Australian
I miss home vary much but you have to do thing you don't
always want to and im ok with that.
Im about to have my masters degree in photography/Fashion
My work is my life too, without that i be a lazy ass

I love anything that's vintage and old
something about those things peek my mind

I collect vintage cameras from the year of 20s - 60s
photography has always been my passion
Im vary artistic in alot of ways
and being a photographer helps me express myself

If you like to know more then talk to me

Age: 21

D.O.B: 12/21/89

Things I don't Do
Give my # to anyone with means i dont txt/pix
I don't cam with people off websites
And i want talk sexual with you stupid asses

Jobs: Model/Photographer/Fashion Designer
Likes: Summer/School/Friends/Food
Dislikes: Ignorance/Cry Baby's/Complainer