Hello,so it looks like you stumbled onto my page well. 

Basic Need To Know About Me:

Name: Chaliena pronounced Cha-Lee-Nah

Nickname: Rose.

Age: 23 New years baby.

Status: N/A [maybe looking mostly friends]

Race: Cambodian and then a little ......

Region:Midwest. MN

Job:Supervisor/Part-time Sitemodel

Personality: Get to know me, and we'll see ^^... Actually I am really friendly so just talk to me :3 Don't forget to note me.

No pictures or face don't bother adding me.

'Time in and time out,whether it be something late or early,getting to know someone might just surprise you  in a good or bad way.It's all in the air,get to know one another without any judgement who knows they could be one of  the best things you might encounter' -My Dad

Contacts: Skype, Snapchat , and Kik. Ask for them.