I don't like wasting each other's time unless it's when better getting to know one another. I've been told by one Ex only that one being in a relationship with me is like hopping on a roller coaster but down a way much more faster lane. And no I ain't kidding plus neither was she. Relationships are meant to be taken seriously so that's my panel and receipt. Though there's no Returns with me but Tries are given. And trust me I do Try the most given the chance. There's this old saying "That Men at times can be Dogs, but given the right kind of treatment we Dogs turn out to be Loyal." Seeing where that goes I prefer Love instead because without the two how can each word exist with its loss half meaning? Or to put it just in another way I'm a Christian and therefore I am Loyal. Stayed dedicated to that's for 8 years and counting. Provides a kind of perspective added bonus to my own personal moral consciousness. Although I keep it to myself often times. My names Franky and.... There's usually a lot more to talk about face to face.