Name: Don't have one, if you are really that curious just ask.
Age:  Nice try.

My intentions on this site are purely for networking, and socializing with individuals that have similar interests with me.  I am not here to find a potential mate, or date. 
My interest is only in academics at the moment.

I am a Psychology and Statistics major at the University of Minnesota, with a strong interest in analyzing statistical data (with SPSS and R being the most familiar software packages I am familiar with), data collection, and research methodology.  Currently, I am a Research Assistant working with data collection at the University of Minnesota.

I am also interested in Clinical Psychology, more specifically Unipolar Depression (or Major Depressive Disorder).  I have written a few literature reviews, reviewing various treatments for Major Depressive Disorder.  My most recent literature review involved ketamine, and it's effectiveness as a treatment for TRD (treatment resistant depression) patients.  I am planning to broaden my expertise, and expand into mood and anxiety disorders.  Future reviews will be done most likely on bipolar depression treatments and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).