Name: David

Nickname: little saint or lilo saint

Age: 23 baby

From: Cali baby OC


hobbies: Fishing,football,b ball, v ball

Other: games eat and sleep lol

what's good people my name is david or should i say little saint welcome to my page.

let me tell you a little about me. i like to have fun and just make people smile

i'm a person who would be there for you when you are sad

when you cry,anger, and so on

i love playin b ball so u know i'll not stop doing what i love to do lol

and also i rap. if u have any other question u would like to know about me

just note me and say what's up, if u wanna rap or do a song

like i say just note me, iight stay up people and remember

life is short and you wanna live it long

don't let any one stop you on what u like to do

iight im out latez!!!!


My big Family that i Love So much i'm happy to have you in my life