Hey Everyone !! Welcome to my boring Plane ass page 
Sorry I don't remember how to edit the page and add layouts :( 
Gosh I feel Hella OLD!!! 

Anyways here is some Basic info on me that I am sure you don't care about
but you are going to read it anyways cause I know how nosey you are ;) LOLZ

Name: Patrick 
Ethnicity : Cambodian, Chinese , Native and irish mix
Age: 28 
GAY MALE ( No I'm not A tranny) lol 
SINGLE AS FUCK ( Taking boyfriend Applications) 
From Canada Ontario 

I am A Lash Technician , Makeup Artist and Brow artist and I also do nails on the side.
I'm pretty easy going fun to talk to and not to much of a douchebag when I don't need to be.
If you feel you wanna chat feel free to Note me don't be afraid I rarely bite :)