Asian gang is what I am, it's what I claim,
Oh wait no, you got me tripping on the name,
Got me pulling on the trigger,
Putting you six feet under,
Your life been taken with just one shot,
In the alley dead to the last drop,
Your mind is blurry your eyes grow dark,
What do you get in this gang banging part,
While your frends all scatter like roaches,
You lying dead and fucking roasted,
Your crying but no one can hear,
Your already dead homey don't cry one more tear,
Should've know to live life better,
Study hard  to make Hmong look smarter,
Now you think about its too late,
Your dead and that your last fate.

I had homies come and go,

Some was fake others ready to roll,

Others started dissing to two hoes,

Others got no idea what happened to them,

I'm still reminicing and it's crazy how life goes by,

Till our skin turns dry but one thing that keeps me up,

When my homies backed me up saying when it comes to you,

We don't give a fuck, we got your back,

Went after some niggas after I got jumped and jacked,

I keep my head up knowing I got these friends,

Man if only these people knew what an average ghetto boy goes through.

And those fuking crazy glares these people fuking stare,

Motherfucker I dont care come get me I'm not scared,

I'm ready to fuking die motherfucker don't ask why,

Motherfucker down to ride, I just wanna take you with me like I told you come and get me to the bitch ass that separated me from my peoples.