Yuepheng Chang. The Beautiful And Sexy Pajhuab Vang <3. 17. D.O.B 10.8.93

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July 3rd, 2010. 2:45pm.


My Baby =]. Aint She Beautiful? x].


My Dearest Sither Stay Strong.

Gosh your page bothers me, it has NOTHING.
But of course now it does. KEKE >:D.
I am the little sister he wish he would never and would have.
Tskkkk- Nigguhs, i play a big part in his life. LOL
Justkidding; I wouldn't know (;
Known as Yuepheng i call him Sem*. (*semmy)
Hmmm, he's older than me, which i should be older. SHOOOOO
Thoughtless yet capable of anything, He BRAVE. Oh la la~
He's a great brother [at times]
Basically what makes him happy, MIGHT make me happy.
As a sister, i respect his decision.
SOMETIMES- He does the dumbest thing, for a good reason.
It pisses me off because i can't say SHIT when it happens (:
You're lucky, i'm reasonable. Shooo.
Like always, i'll be putting that mask on for ya' .
My boy is growing up so fast TT3TT
I can always put this fool' on check
when needed of course (=
♥MainiaLee (ML)