In a time when love existed is a time when I did not.

You'll find me in the abyss of shadows.
You don't need to be afraid, I'll even lend a hand.
Down, we're going down.
Down into the depths of your mind that you've never explored.

You, too, shall become a fragmented memory.
Ephemeral, that is how it has always been.

 The world is no longer a dream as your presence transitions it into reality. I realize that in the days and nights of bittersweet nostalgia, you are there to comfort and reassure me that life is only what you make of it. In the darkest times, you whisper to me that there is nothing to fear because fear is an illusion in oneself which is something that can be conquered. In the moon and stars, you say, is where I’ll find you.

Who am I?

Just a stranger passing by.
You'll find me when it's Raining.


In the heart of darkness,
There shall be light.