ok i'm pissed off about my page but oh well i'll do it better then last time. ok so i'm going to start out slowly lol.


My Info

Name: Amanda [remember it fool]

Age: look at my pics and tell me what you think

Status: Single....T^T

sex: you offering?? lol

Location: in Flirting_Buddha's pants xD

thats all i guess lol if you wanna know more note me

what to put on my page?? it got deleted and i don't remember all that was on it D= so now i'm making a new one and hopefully its good xDD. if not then oh well i tried hahaha. also i'm NOT bi i am Straight so girls don't hit on me cuz i'm not like that but feel free to add me and chat with me. i don't bite.....hard heehee.

I'm not on here to get holla'd at by guys and perverts so don't bother.

i have nothing better to do then just talk about random things. Oh i'm making my page girly becuz well i'm a girl! something different i guess lol. i guess i'll talk alittle about me, hmm well i'm a listener, i listen and acutually CARE what you have to say and about your problems. i tend to care a bit too much but i can't help it, its my nature i guess hahaha. i'm mature but at the same time immature if that makes sense xDDD. i don't like it when others judge someone by their looks or attitude look inside the person before you judge them =/, also if you think about it no one is perfect so don't expect others to be perfect when your not yourself. ummm, lol kinda strayed there sorry hahhaa. anyway, i love to play video games!! Xbox, PS2& 3, WII[still trying to figure out how to use the damn wand thingies >_<] Nintendo DS & DSi. etc etc, any game is good except sports i dont like them. i love to watch dramas and movies. i'll only watch a horror movie if someone sits with me and then spends the night over my house xDD. lets see, what else....oh! i use to play sports, mainly soccer also baseball and volleyball. along with flag football but mostly for school. i think thats it for now hope you got to know me a bit better =] peace out.

HEHE! NOW WHAT! I hacked your page! XD
Well, just claiming my own spot again!
How you doing girl? Good?
Ah, I hate school, school is always in the way.
Anyway, hacking ya page and claiming my spot again!
Signing out,
Miss own your ass XD Just joking!
(I know your gonna scold me when you see this ^^)

Hacking ya page again!
You know, I should've never intoduce
You to this site, ah, but oh well
And you blame me that its my fault
I did warn ya, but nooo you didn't listen.
Anyway, hacking again, I'm bored XD
*sigh* Got, its hella boring.
My finger was cut, didn't know till
I looked at my finger.
Well, its bored, gotta go
Peace girl!

Miss Smartass

I dunno if you'll see this or not, but, I just wanted to visit you.
I really miss you unnie. I wish time could've waited.
But I guess not huh? Oh well, we'll all have to go one day.
I know I know, I'm gonna make you sad again.
Don't cry, Don't worry, trust me, I'll be fine.
Smile ok? Don't ever frown, or I will never be strong.
Your smile will keep me strong, so even if you cry
You should still smile no matter what.
Unnie, dongsaeng will be here, my mark will be here, forever and ever.
For the future, I hope we can meet each other.
Bye ne? Saranghae. Zane, take care of her.