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Hay, what's up guys? This page isn't really exactly the admins page but thanks for stopping by! If you want to contact me, I'm mostly on facebook. Asiantown isn't my site and it has a lot of fakes and trolls. Note me if you want to talk. :)

I think at my greatest to my worst. There's a lot of reasons why I do. One, to be fearless and brave and realize that it's nature itself. Two, to study the components of humanity. Three, to understand one from another (Perspective). Four, to go in a deep focus and relaxation (meditation). Five, to understand earth and it's natural disasters and the beauty that it creates afterwards. Well, I basically learn a bit of everything that I experience.

The only reason why we stayed in school was because it helps us connect everyone together through Education and Sociology. When we learn Math, we're not always learning about numbers but we're also learning about LOGIC. When we learn about English, we're not always learning the English dictionary but to find the RIGHT WORDS to SAY. When we learn about physical education, it's not all about the fun around but COOPERATING TOGETHER. When we learn about science, we're not always learning about chemicals and equations and all that but we're also learning about SURVIVAL. When we learn about history, it's not always learning about what's in the past, it's more of what we could change TODAY. When teachers are acting strict towards you, they want you to OPEN YOUR EYES/LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER. School is an opportunity so take it seriously because it's going to help not just you but everyone around you.