Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent, and Successful.. (YAVIS)
Adapt and Succeed
Confidence on the inside, and humble on the outside .
Work-out Hard, Play Smart.

Kim Du-han
Kim Kyung-cheon
Lee Bong-chang
An Jung-geu

The pomegranate is a symbol of the resurrection and the hope of eternal life. Because of its abundance of seeds, it can also symbolize royalty and the church, where the seeds represent the many believers who make up the one universal church.


We conquered death, and succeeded to live eternally through Jesus Christ
Read John 3:16

I am a smoke in a thin air. Can't see me clearly, but know you have to fear me. I am the risen of high humidity. I can be seen from a far, but up close its too hard. I am the gas seeping through your skin, like poison that can kill u within.

This life is all about being a player and playing the game. Get gains from any way possible by using your mind, time and work your way up to be successful at whatever your goals were intended for. Relationship is a game, that's why people cheat, and if the cheaters get away with it, they win. Love is something dangerous to play with. That is why I do not want to play that game. Because love can either be cherished or it can ruin your life. That is why I never fall for love from someone that I do not see as my companion. Because what if I find someone better than the one I am with, and to the one that I am with currently, goes psychotic and start to break down, or even try to ruin my life in any means possible. Now, you can make either a good relationship, or you can make an enemy for life. So I would never want to break anyone's heart. That is what I stick too. Being picky is not a bad idea for trying to keep your relationship life healthy.

The elite do not like smart individuals. They like dumb and less voice in their opinion. We are being watched, and we can do nothing about it. Unless we have a revolution of destroying the invasion of our privacy. <<<< This girl is like one of the sexiest I ever seen ever on Asiantown. <<<< Another sexy girl