Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent, and Successful.. (YAVIS)
Adapt and Succeed
Confidence on the inside, and humble on the outside .
Work-out Hard, Play Smart.

Kim Du-han
Kim Kyung-cheon
Lee Bong-chang
An Jung-geu

The pomegranate is a symbol of the resurrection and the hope of eternal life. Because of its abundance of seeds, it can also symbolize royalty and the church, where the seeds represent the many believers who make up the one universal church.


We conquered death, and succeeded to live eternally through Jesus Christ
Read John 3:16

I am a smoke in a thin air. Can't see me clearly, but know you have to fear me. I am the risen of high humidity. I can be seen from a far, but up close its too hard. I am the gas seeping through your skin, like poison that can kill u within.