(((I <3 U Macie Lao Bby)))
Babe u gOtt [r][A][P][E][d] buh DOPESTmacie lao !
Hunnie when i say those words.. " i love you " , i truly do mean it.
From everyday i wake up and always watch the window where i sleep next to,
and slowly watch & listen to everything that happens.
nature, and where people silently speak.
And when i sneak out to the park, i see old couples still loving each other and holding hands.
haha.. will that be us hunn ? I want that to be. My heart pounds each time you talk to others.
 i just take deep breaths and smile and click back. In everything that you do hunnie;
i still love you the same way. of course, i have trust in you and believe in you.
 i just want to rip out my heart and i want you to see it how much it pounds;
i smile each time i see you. when i get to hear ur voice, i may space out and ignore,
but when i come back into our world;; that's when i really realize what i'm thinking.
When i get really happy, officially happy, i only smile a little. when im excited, i smile big!
but when it's the most happiness thing where i really have never known before, i smile slightly;
and that's when my tears come. I'm a cry baby;; duyyy!
But when it comes to big things- it's impossible for me to cry.
That's a part of my beauty. Haha.  i felt a love possession. each and every day...
i fall on my knees and fold my hands. i speak my heart out not from the mind, but the heart.
i beg and then cry, for once, i wanted love,change,and happiness. Hunnie everything came.
just because of you. then i don't need to do that anymore. Because you are the one.
i thought i'd need to scream my lungs out and cry and beg for the end of my death; but while i'm young- it came.
I don't wanna cry in the rain; i wanna dance in the rain.
Because there's you in my life- when i think i'm falling- i know that the sky is still looking at me limitlessly and smiles at me.
I'm alive. I'm never gunna give up; and i'm never gunna leave.
Boo; i want to only listen to your heart beat.
and that's because every time I am calmed down,
the sound of a heart beat makes me think then what needs to be fixed is fixed.
That's why i love the sound of a heart beat.
It's like a music beat that goes through the speakers and into your heart and soul.
hunnie when will the day come? i want to stay with you forever. Stay strong for me.
if we were to stop talking for a week or two. or even a month;
would you be able to hold it with out contact? hunnie; i can.
If i would just stay happy and not think too much,
when u're back from being busy, i can just be constantly happy again.
Life constantly moves. It never stops. While life is moving;
i want you to move with me. This is the first time feeling this.
with out you- i guess i'd feel frozen. Watching my bruhh` already hurts much.
kuv xav mus ua lub neej ua yuav tau nyob kaj siab.
tiag mus ua tau ib yam lib kuv cov kev npau suav.
tsis tau muaj ib yam khoom ua kuv yuav ntshaw npau ndaws.
From this and now; and in the future- i truly want to stay with you,
up there was pretty fobby!! but hunnie, i want to lock hands with you.
Go see my dreams with you. And go to places where i want to first see with you.
I want to be protected by you. and loved by you. I told myself imma not break this anymore.
 i have once- im starting to realize things right away when it happens right there, and i still have time to change it.
 i also want to always be there for you and able to hold your hand tight if u're going through something tough.
Hunnie, hold on. (: