Hello this be my page my goal is to be kind


the color is blue

the night is black the theme Is orange the day is blue

the rainbow


The best: red

This is the swag. Beauty of curse and friends Til the end. The bridge about the color blue in the starry cool.

glorious wonder

Watch what you want believe in who you are know our difference

treasure pleasure to ascend you back to this mope

want to try your hunches

Begin with one number

Watch your back try your hardest



diamond ring

purse and issues

diary and debt

hit and run

story and regret

mood like bets

hard egg retch

don't let me down stand your ground and vote for my crown

made it back to be with you and you say its not enough because you just want my good side you don't see my bad side

no one

if you were down for me I wouldn't of struggled so much

all this pain is unstoppable

you only see me a part

I've grown to be the man that will stabilize you

when your

i'll hold you up

my strength and might

when you've lost your celebants I probably am just a distance away trying to walk the road

they get on you and I stand in the background

the business is horrifying but you should of been there for me

I've grown to love my dad

my family my clan

even though I am sick and don't know what like, love and missing means I strive for the best to let them live in time

shakes spear said that when your old don't cry long if your sad remember how strong you never know about who you're going to find if you try to be a follower all your life and if you choose to listen its your luxury to succeed

romeo and Juliet

fall on me and i'll pick you up

dive in the pool and see your bliss

hold my hand share your candy get to know me like we just met

when we share there'll be many match

choose me the one in front of you or the mysterious one down the road

black and blue it stagnant

who are you to choose my life I don't love you and I don't believe in what you've told me

no one could let you love like me

I don't know what love means but I want you to love me

trust is good

god created us equally

saviors reward us with satisfactory

the book of worlds exist in the hand of chai

believe and you are created dream and you inherit reach and stretch on fashion

I believe in enrichment and contact

Here’s a song I wrote for a long time now and didn’t get to sing

When they wake up they won’t know if the feelings sure it’ll show 

The best


there is peace in the world now. i have so much.