"You can have everything in life you want if you would just help enough ppl get what they want." amen to that!

Today Matter - "What you do today will reflect what you have tomorrow"

"Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness."

"The man who earns a million but destroys his health in the process is not really a success." -Zig

"The corporate executive who alienates his family in his climb to the top is not a success." -Zig

"The biggest tradegy in America is not the great waste of natural resources, it's the waste of human resources." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Two Warming Thoughts
First, a perfect memory doesn't indicate a great mind any more than a huge dictionary with all the words in it, a great piece of literature. 
Second, the person who can't remember is infinitely better off than the one who can't forget. 

Too many ppl only think about tomorrow to make sure they have food/shelter to feed their stomach/below their neck.
They have money to feed their stomach 1-3 times a day or lots of nice things on their body,
but never invest anything good into their mind/above their neck.
If you would just feed your mind the right things enough as you feed your stomach,
you will never have to worry feeding your stomach ever again.

"A dime and a $20 gold piece have the same value if they are corroding at the bottom of the
ocean.  The difference in value is manifested only when you lift those coins up and use them as
they were intended to be used." -Major Reuben Siverling

Don't Get Cooked in the Squat
Many times individual will indicate with a nod of the head that they already know or have heard
the information as I start to cover a point in a talk.  Unless and until you do something with
what you have learned, you might as well not have learned it.

You are a theif if you dont fully believe in yourself
The person who does not believe in himself and fully utilize his ability is literally stealing

from himself and from his loved ones because of reduced productivity.  Collect what is yours or
someone will help you collect yours for them.

"If we cannot love ourselves, where will we draw our love for anyone else?  You can't give away something you don't have."

You cannot delete the negative thinking in your mind.
The only way to get rid of it is pile more positive than negative to override it.

"Enjoy the benefit rather than "pay" a price."

"The more you use what you have, the more you will have to use."

"You can be bright, and broke"
I choose to be dumb but rich.  Because in life these days,
there's too much unneeded information that we don't really need to learn.
What we really need to learn is what will help us in life
and not what other want us to know.
An example is I don't need to learn a skill like spanish/medicine/biology/ etc so i can get a JOB.
What I really need to learn is something better like people skills/positive thinking/financial IQ/etc that will boost my income
more than learning a skill so that I can be a more valuable employee...pssh
I ain't working for nobody, you work for me attitude.

The $100,000 Failure
One man who earns $100,000 a year could be judged as a failure if he is capable of earning five times that amount with his ability. 
I also know that none of us use all our ability to its maximum yet. In fact, very few of us even use most of our ability. 
So sometimes you really think you do but when you put it to the real test, you realize you weren't even trying at all to begin with.

Almost without exception, you can measure a person's contribution to society in terms of dollars. 
The more he contributes the more he earns.
You can prove me wrong if you think I am.

The stairway to the top, the elevator is broken
1. Development of a healthy self-image
2. Recognition of the worth and ability of other people, as well as the necessity of effectively living and working with them.
3. Strong goal orientation.  You need a plan to build a house, life, goals, etc.
4. the "RIGHT" mental attitude
5. Be Willing to work
6. You must have a burning desire to excel

Causes of a poor self-image

The first reason many people have a poor self-image out of proportion to their talent and ability is simple. 
Their ability, appearance, or intelligence has been ridiculed or questioned repeatedly by parents, teachers, friends, and others in authority. 
Whenever they give us a negative remark, we tend to see ourselves through the eyes of them.  Now we believe what they say is true because that may be the only hope at the time.

The second cause of a poor self-image is the tendency to confuse failure in a project with failure in life. 
A child who fails a subject in school or who doesnt make the team makes the mistake of identifying a single failure with failure in life itself. 

The third one is a poor self-image is an unrealistic and unfair comparision of experiences.  We generally make the mistake of comparing our experience with another person's experience. 
We exaggerate their successful experience and downgrade our own success.  Experience has nothing to do with ability. 
For example, over 700 million Chinese can do something you cannot do.  That is they can speak Chinese.  Does that mean they are smarter than you? 
Not at all; it means they have had a different experience.  At this moment you are doing something that over 5 billion people cannot do. 
You are online reading this in english.  It does not mean you are smarter than them, it just mean that you have a different experience than them.

The fourth cause of a poor self-image is comparing your worst features to someone else's best features.  There was one woman who did that and ended up at age 38 a scrubwoman on welfare. 
She then read Claude M. Bristol's book "The Magic of Believing" and started believing and looking at her positive qualities, one of which was the ability to make people laugh. 
Even though she never competed with the beauties of the world, the woman by the name of Phyllis Diller went on to earn as much as $1,000,000 a year with that ability she never used. 
You too have a ability that lies within you that needs to be awaken and use.

The fifth caues of a poor self-image is that peoples set standards of perfection that are unrealistic and unreachable. 
When they fail--and fail they must never forgive themselves.  They feel they must either be perfect, the best, or the worst.  Since they failed, they figure they must be the worst. 
If a person feels he is the "worst," then surely he cannot believe he "deserves" a good job, a good mate, good children, or anything of merit or value.

You dont drown by falling into water, you only drown if you stay there.
Unless you dont know how to swim, now that's a different story.
You're not beaten by being knocked down.  You're only beaten if you stay down.

Use it--Or Lose it

There was once a story of the talents in the Bible.  One man had one, another had two, and the last one had five.  The Lord went away for a long time into a far country. 
When he returned, he asked the one who had five what he had done.  The man replied that he had taken the five talents, put them to work and now he had ten talents. 
The Lord replied, "Well done, though good and faithful servant, because you have been faithful in using that which you have, I will give you more talents. 
Next, the one who had been given two talents took those talents, put them to work and doubled them.  The Lord went to the one who had one talent and inquired as to how he had done. 
The man refplied, "Lord, you only gave me one talent, while you gave the others many talents. 
Besides, I knew you were a hard and cruel master, that you reaped where you had not sowed, and so I took the one talent and buried it." 
The lord than took the one talent and gave it to the one who had ten.  Since that time, the cry-babies of the world have been saying,
"The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer."  So take what you have and use it so your talent will be increased or join the cry-babies around you.

The love of money is not evil--its the lack of money that causes evil. 
It is working at a job we hate that is evil.
Working hard yet not earning enough to provide for our families is evil
For some, being deeply in debt is evil.
Fighting with people you love over money is evil.
Being greedy is evil.
And committing criminal or immoral acts to get money is evil
Money by itself is not evil. 
Money is just money.

Does Money Make You Rich?
The answer is NO!
Money alone does not make you rich.  We all know people who go to work every day,
working for money, making more money, but fail to become richer. 
Many only grow deeper in debt with each dollar they earn.
We all heard stories of lottery winners, instant millionaires who are instantly poor again.
Even investing in gold--the world's only real money can cost investor money.

Many people believe that if they had a lot of money, their money problems would be over. 
Little do we know that having money alone do us no good. 
Eventually we will become broke again and don't know what to do next.
That is why giving poor people money does not solve their money problems.
In many cases, it only prolongs the problem and create more poor people. 

Hard work doesn't solve money problems.  This world is filled with hard working
people who wakes up super early to leave their family(s) behind and still broke.

Education does not solve money problems.  If you look around you,
this world is filled with highly educated poor people who talks about
pretty much nothing worth listening to like current events and the news media. 
They're called socialist.

A job does not solve money problems.  For many people, the letters
J.O.B. stands for "just over broke."
So many people with jobs cannot afford their own home, good health care, education,
or even set aside enough money for retirement.
If you barely can live on your income now, what will you do when you retire,
when your income is cut by more than half?

What solves Money Problems?
The answer is Financial Intelligence.  Be a problem-solver.
Without financial intelligence, people do things such as buy a house
and think their home is an asset which is why so many ppl don't OWN their homes anymore.
Or saving money not realizing that since 1971, their money is no longer money but a currency.
Or do not know the difference between good debt and bad debt.
You also gotta get good at solving money problems.
If you dont learn how to solve that problem, it only grows into more problems later.

Having a money problem is like having a toothache.  If you do not handle the toothache,
the toothache makes you feel bad.  If you feel bad, you may not do well at work
because you are irritable.  Not fixing the toothache now can lead to further medical complications
because it is easy for germs to breed and spread.
Later you lose your job due to missing work too much due to your chronic illness. 
Without a job, you cannot pay your rent.  If you fail to solve the problem of rent money,
you are on the street, homeless, in poor health, eating out of garbage cans
and you still have the toothache.

Sometimes we worry too much about not having enough to eat tomorrow
that we only focus on feeding our stomach and forget to feed our top (brains).
Our brains needs to be feed just as much as we feed our stomach. 
Too many of us make the mistake of ONLY feeding the lower part of us and not the top.
If we would just feed the top as we do our bottom,
we would never have to worry about feeding the bottom of us.

How the Poor Handle Money Problems

The poor see money problems only as problems.  Many feel they are victims of money.  Many feel
they are the only ones with money problems.  They think that if they had more money, their
money problems would be over.  Little do they know that their attitude towards money problems
IS the problem.  Their attitude creates their money problems.  Their inability to solve, or
avoidance of them, only prolongs their money problems and makes them bigger.  Instead of
becoming richer, they become poorer.  Instead of increasing their financial IQ, the only thing
the poor increase is their financial problems.

How the Middle class Handle Money Problems

While the poor are victims of money, the middle class are prisoners of money.  The middle
class solve their money problems differently.  Instead of solving the money problem, they
think they can outsmart their money problems.  The middle class will spend money to go to
school, so they can get a secure job.  Most are smart enough to earn money and put up a
firewall, a buffer zone, between them and their money problems.  They buy a house, commute to
work, play it safe, climb the corporate ladder, and save for retirement by buying stocks,
bonds, and mutual funds.  They believe their academic or professional education is enough to
insulate them from the cruel, harsh world of money.

When they reach the age of fifty, many will discover tha they are a prisoner in their own
office.  Many are valued employees.  They have experience and they enough money to be happy
where they think they have job security.  Yep deep down they know they are trapped
financially, and they lack the financial intelligence to escape from their office prison. 
They look forward to surviving fifteen more years when at age sixty-five, they can retire and
then begin to live, on a leaner budget.  Little do they know that they can barely live on
their income right now, what will they do when their income is cut in half.

The Middle class think they can outsmart their money problems by being smart academically and
professionally.  Most lack financial education, which is why most tend to value financial
security rather than take on financial challenges.  Instead of becoming entrepreneurs, they
work for entrepreneurs.  Instead of investing, they turn their money over to financial experts
to manage their money.  Instead of increasing their financial IQ, they stay busy, hiding in

their offices.

How the Rich Handle Money Problems

When looking at financial intelligence, it becomes easy to see that there are five core
intelligences an individual must develop to become rich.  I will explain the five financial
intelligences as we go through this. 

Integrity is a very important word.  When most people think of the word "integrity," they
think of it as an ethical concept.  That is not what I mean when I use the word.  Itegrity is
wholeness according to Webster's, "it is the quality or state of being complete or undivided."
 All the people I know who has mastered the five financial intelligences has achieved
financial integrity.

When the rich have money problems, they use their financial integrity developed through many
years of facing and solving problems with the five financial intelligences to solve those
problems.  If the rich don't know the answer to their money problems, they don't walk away and
throw in the towel like the middle class and poor do.  They seek out experts who can help them
solve their problems.  In the process of watching, they become financially more intelligent
and is equpped to solve the next similar problem when it comes around.  Their problems always
get solve or they will have money issues.  The rich don't quit, they learn, and by learning, they grow richer.

The five core intelligence are as follow:
Financial IQ #1:  Making more money
Financial IQ #2:  Protecting your money
Financial IQ #3:  Budgeting your money
Financial IQ #4:  Leveraging your money
Financial IQ #5:  Improving your financial information

To be continue...(when time permit byebye)

The answer may just be around the corner

Here's a story
A young business executive took some work home to complete for an important meeting the next day. 
Every few minutes his five-year-old son would interrupt his chain of thought. 
After several such interruptions, the young executive spotted the evening paper with a map of the world on it. 
He took the map, tore it into a number of pieces, and told his son to put the map together again. 
He figured this would keep the little fellow busy for a long time and he could complete his work. 
However, in about three minutes the boy excitedly told his dad he had finished. 
The young executive was astonished and asked the boy how he had done it so quickly. 
The little guy said, "There was a picture of a man on the other side, so I just turned it over and put the man together. 
When I got the man right, THE WORLD WAS RIGHT." 
Needless to say, when you get you right, your world will be right.

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