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I'm known as the "bad one" with, a not so innocent face.


Sisters MUCH? "the one im webcamming with above"

WE'RE DIMERS, WE'RE TENS, We stay true,

 We stay R E A L. DC$$ DIMIN B I G ! : )

I Love My GIRLS. My sisters, my loves. Its us against the mther fckin world. we go hard
, we're young. We dnt give a fuck, ; One falls, we all do. We are ONE. Together, we make the baddest equation.
We' do the most craziest things, and the dumbest things. I love you girls. <33 & Remeber,
 DC$$ Handles their shit. Like we say right, WE DIMIN BIGG. ALL THE TIME.
I love you silly bitches.